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Popular Questions

Initially we will conclude a pre-sale which will be available via DxSale. After the pre-sale you will be able to purchase tokens at the exchanges we list, the first of which will be pancakeswap.info.

Yes, anyone in the world will be able to take park in the pre-sale however please note that the pre-sale will have a 600 BNB hard cap limit.

As SCP is tokenized and rolled out across the globe we will engage with all financial regulators in an order of priority to ensure we meet any legal requirements.

Our tokenomics will benefit holders as sales of the token will pay tax and a proportion of this tax will go towards liquidity and rewarding holders.

Our token also has a use case which aims to provide a constant flow of revenue channelling through its smart contract with the aim of supporting the token price.

Our team will market the token, software application and services on all social media channels including sponsership of influencers.

We will ensure all priority listings are completed and paid advertising in the form of adverts across major websites and social media will be rolled out accordingly.

We aim to develop the software starting with key functionality to support the property industry. Each new version will bring in more functionality, for example holiday home rentals. Websites will be able to use the app and accept SCP as a form of payment, all partners using SCP will be listed free of charge on our partners directory.

Smart contracts and ledger abilities on the blockchain is the way of the future and we therefore are looking to set the mark for the entire property industry, the daily rate of real estate transactions is so immense, this project is more necessary than ever.

SCP will launch across the globe and no matter where you are, you will be able to utilise the app and software, initially we have instated team leaders from Denmark, Australia, USA, UK, South Africa, Philippines and Canada who will be your go to personnel to find out more.


The team will be looking at exchange listings whereby you will be able to stake SCP as well as farm SCP.

This is a top secret, and we will provide more feedback regarding NFT and Smart Chain Property soon.


Smart Chain Property
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