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Smart Chain Property (SCP) is a project being brought to you from team members across the globe. Our vision is to create a token and application with real life use case to revolutionise the property industry.

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Meet The Team

Oliver Pretorius
Founder & Developer - SA
Kenneth Fyno
Head of Research & Branding - Denmark
Jai McFarlane
Head of Content – Australia
Shane Kirkwood
Head of Marketing - Australia
James Mccloy
Team Leader - UK
Pipe O Guerra
Team Leader - Canada
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Background & Experience

Oliver Pretorius – Founder & Developer – SA

Hi, I am Oliver, I am an entrepreneur and the founder of Smart Chain Property. I have owned and currently operate a number of businesses. My experience includes management, business development, accounting, and security. To be more specific a couple of my active businesses include SA Power and SA Aircon.

One of my businesses services a vast range of blue-chip property firms in South Africa and I have extensive experience in the field solving issues and attending to flaws within the industry.

The idea of the property industry excelling through the use of block chain technology is what brought me to this venture.

Revolutionising the property industry through block chain technology will help make transactions faster, smarter, more efficient, and more secure all of which will bring the industry into the future.

Kenneth Fyno – Head of Research & Branding – Denmark

Hi, I’m Kenneth, team leader for the Danish branch of SCP. As the groups elder, I contribute with a wide range of life experience in different fields. Education wise, I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

Today I work in surveillance and tech support for a security company, before that, I have been self-employed in various fields such as freelance journalism with focus on tech news and freelance tech consultant for small businesses.

My interest in crypto is fairly new, and I have quickly picked up on the pace in this field of investments. Understanding the importance of storytelling and branding a product is vital for any business, not least in an area as crypto, where the public mood towards a project can shift rapidly depending on tendencies signifying the projects image.

Smart Chain Property will prevail due to the very clear use case, where the story will become self-sustained over time, when the token finds its element. Until then, maintaining an image that deflects fud and show a level-headed team with eyes on the ball, is vital for the project’s success.

I have known the members of this team only for a few months, but I have already learned to respect their dedication, skill and honesty in working with this project.

Jai McFarlane – Head of Content – Australia

Hello, I’m Jai, Head of content for Smart Chain Property. My diverse background brings an abundance of wealth and experience with solid skill sets that will drive and encourage the team for long term growth and success of the project. The skills include management, leadership and creative marketing strengths from running a successful multimillion dollar distribution company to several years as a licensed real estate agent turned builder.

I have a seen first-hand the strong demand for this platform and believe it will be a major disrupter to the traditional real estate industry. I aim to introduce the SCP platform into the builder and developer market integrating the platform within my established steel frame company and a network of builders and developers who will hit targets of over 500 homes per year.

This professional and transparent approach will ensure steady and consistent growth and branding awareness through strategic sponsors and partnerships with major players in the Australian building and real estate game.

We believe in the vision…We invest ourselves in the mission…We are committed to the project…We are successful…We are Smart Chain Project.

James McCloy – Team Leader – UK

Hi, I’m James and I’m Team Leader for the U.K. branch of SCP. My field of expertise is long and short term Let’s in the holiday field.

I work for a company that has a portfolio of show bars, night clubs, award winning luxury apartments, hotel and many residential let properties.

I have a provisional agreement in place for these properties to be listed on our app which will enable them to utilise crypto currency. With the aim of in the future proving what we can bring to the business to bring some of the exclusive properties which include properties in Ibiza and a castle in Halifax.

Ultimately we will want our app to communicate with hospitality back-end systems like little hotelier for a seamless booking system. Working with the venue’s availabilities Calendar.

With such prestigious properties on our books, it puts us in an amazing position to branch out further afield.

Pipe O Guerra – Team Leader – Canada

Hello my name is Felipe, Pipe for friends.

My main background and professions include: trading, finances, sales, marketing and mechanics. I am taking the position of team leader in Canada, where I will be focusing on the business aspect of our platform by approaching and pitching the project to all major and minor property management and real estate companies.

The idea is to create a sales and marketing team within Canada to increase the volume of usage of our platform, as well as an increase on crypto sales itself. You must remember that the more our platform is used, the bigger the value of our token will be, as well as having more redistribution for our holders based on our tokenomics.

In a nutshell that is and will be my job for SCP in Canada and I’m looking forward to seeing how far we will get within the industry. We are breaking through, and there is nothing like us out there yet. This is the time to strike!

SCP revolutionising the property industry, lowering the cost of managing properties and holiday let’s. With the upcoming new app, it’s going to be a game changer.

James McCloy
Team Leader - UK

Imagine if AirBNB used cryptocurrency with their transactions. This would eliminate all the credit card frauds, hidden credit card fees. It would give a peace of mind to both the property owner and the customer. This is where SCP comes in. SCP will revolutionize the property industry, lowering the cost of managing properties. Smartchain Property's smart contracts and ledger abilities aim to transparently and efficiently facilitate renting, buying, investing and even lending.

Richard De La Cruz
Head of Sales

Imagine a world where property transactions become effortless and safe , where consumers and suppliers can transact with less headaches and more productivity.

Oilver Pretorius
Founder & Developer
Smart Chain Property
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