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As with all successful projects there is a big need for the right partnership that can be nurtured and nourished into a prosperous success.

Smart Chain Property team have carefully researched possible partners that will carefully and successfully roll out its inspiring plans for the future and we are proud to announce that we will partner with a hugely successful company namely , Kagiso Interactive whom have worked with the likes of EA Games , Disney, Marvel , Google and Primedia to showcase their respective skills in application development.

Some things better left said from the horse’s mouth : “Kagiso Interactive is at the forefront of high-end mobile application development and cutting edge artificial intelligence solutions. We deliver customised, results-driven programs to achieve our clients’ specific project goals.

We know the ‘shortest way to success’ is to ‘begin with the end in mind’ and we’re passionate to know what success looks like for our customers. What KPI’s need to be achieved? What’s the ROI? Using an Agile methodology that permeates through our entire company, we’ll quickly get you to a MVP (Minimum Viable Product), launch and continually enhance the app using mined user data. We offer a whole lifecycle, or parts of process, to augment your existing mobile capability: Consulting, Requirements Analysis, Creative (UX/UI/Gamification), Mobile Developers, QA, Project Management & (continual) Optimization.’

With companies like Amazon, IBM and JP Morgan all investing in enterprise blockchain solutions of some sort, we thought it’s time to take our business to the next level and into the future.

Smart Chain Property will appoint Kagiso Interactive to the development as per our roadmap and the team will coordinate with KI on a daily basis to ensure all plans are rolled out effectively.

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