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Smart Chain Property - Revolutionising the property industry

A token presale occurs prior to an ICO launch. In a presale, the startup offers up tokens while they are still under development before they are available to the general public. … As the risks involved when investing in a token presale are much higher, the tokens are (in most cases) offered at a discounted price.

Smart Chain Property is able to offer 400 000 000 Tokens during our Pre-sale for early adopters of the token and therefore will achieve a minimum of 20% Discount in respect of the listing price.

The reason for the discount not been too high or too low is that this will entice a strong hold across the community instead of having a higher discount which may result in the community taking profits early on while under development stage and what we want is for the community to be with us for the long run and reap the rewards of the token through its fantastic rewarding system.

This will also entice those that did not manage to buy the Pre-sale to essentially buy at launch and therefore we will have a strong platform and chart to move forward with development and marketing.

What will happen after Pre-Sale and launching on exchanges will only be the start of what’s to come as we have some exciting plans for the future and this will be the very beginning of a lucrative and long road ahead for each partnership and person buying the token.

Smart Chain Property will aim to be the number #1 token across the world and the company behind it will have the very best team assisting to steer the boat in the right direction.

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