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Smart Chain Property - Revolutionising the property industry

Individuals and companies from across the world are becoming increasingly used to making digital transactions due to the fact that you no longer need to be worried about getting pick-pocketed or robbed for your money.

Blockchain technology records transactions in tranches known as “blocks” and then adds one block to another known in a continuing “Chain”. From the point of view of Smart Chain Property we like to call this Ledger transactions as it simply records transaction one below the other , There is not one single person who will record the transaction however everyone who owns cryptocurrency will play an important role of the upkeep and fidelity of the account book.

NFT’s (Non fungible Tokens) are becoming increasingly popular and Smart chain property will look to implement this technology into its existing development plans. This will be a big game changer for the company as most industries across the world whether it be entertainment or health care have started embarking on this avenue and we look forward to bringing the technology to the property industry in time for you to make a success for yours and your companies future.

We strongly believe the 2 by products of cryptocurrency namely tokenization and NFT may make investing and transacting within the property industry a whole lot better.

Basically in a nut shell anything of value can be tracked and traded using the technology and therefore it will become the most popular technology to conduct everyday activities.

Oliver Pretorius – Founder Smart Chain Property

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